Digital Illustration & Imaging by Dominic R. Sondy

Horticultural Portraiture:
For The Trees

There is one thing that all of these images of the "Can't See The Forest Through The Trees" collection have in common: The arboreal elements featured in each image have been replicated, as a mirror image, and then joined back onto itself.

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Inside Look at the Floating Museum:
City of Milwaukee

The Last Ark of The Railroad is a guided tour through the carferry Steam Ship City of Milwaukee which shuttled railcars across Lake Michigan for over fify years. Now moored and open to public as a floating museum.

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  • Great Lakes Maritime

    Great Lakes Maritime Illustrations

    Illustrations of vessels that have or still traverse the Great Lakes, including the BobLo Boat, Chicago's Fireboat, U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker "Mackinaw", articulated tug "Victory" and others.
  • Used Buggy Parts

    Used Buggy Parts

    The whimsical title Used Buggy Parts is play on words with historic roots. The descriptions accompanying each image, explains specifically what automotive parts were used to assemble each bug and reveals the evolutionary development of each creature in automotive entomological terms.
  • Night Lights: Lighthouses

    Night Lights: Lighthouses

    Popular and hard to reach lighthouses in and around the Great Lakes.