Background & Bio

Dominic R. Sondy has a lifetime of photographic experience—literally grew up in the business. His father, a public school teacher, taught classes in photography and had part-time businesses producing wedding and summer camp pictures.

Dominic’s photographic career developed from ‘the darkroom out.’ His first assignment, at age ten, was simply washing and drying thousands of photographic prints. The following season, he became an “inside man” for the family business; processing film and developing black and white prints. His first camera was a well used 4X5 Speed Graphic. Dominic was his high school’s yearbook and newspaper photographer.

After his college sophomore year,Dominic volunteered for the military draft. While in Vietnam he attained a position as a Combat Photo Correspondent for the First Infantry Division Public Information Office. His photographs were regularly published in The Stars and Stripes as well as stateside through international news and wire services. Upon his return to civilian life, Dominic continued his college education earning a Bachelor’s Degree, in journalism, from Wayne State University. Saigon Shuffle, published in 2005, is Dominic’s memoir of his Vietnam experience and returning home as a Veteran. Visit the website for more: http://www.saigonshuffle.com

After working for a short time in the Detroit News photo graphic department, Dominic switched to the business side of newspapers. He spent six years at the Detroit Free Press before working at the Chicago Tribune for five years.

In 1990 Dominic returned to his photographic roots, accepting a position with the nation’s largest producer of trade show images. While there, he attained the position of ‘Chief Photographer.’In 2000 Dominic his wife Joann, a graphic designer, formed Creative Aces to offer design & imaging services to corporate clientele. Since 2008, Dominic has focused is creativity on digital illustrations, a combination of his photographic and artistic talents. Collections include “Buggy Parts” and “Great Lakes Maritime” images.