Can't See The Forest
For The Trees

What do you see in these images?

An avant garde view of the trees we pass everyday.

These are fairly straight-up photographs of tree bark, burs, knotholes and roots. Each image was made from parts of trees that are easily seen from ground level. There is one thing that all of these images have in common: The arboreal elements featured in each image have been replicated, as a mirror image, and then joined back onto itself.

The application of this mirror technique gives each image a kind of symmetry that is usually associated with animals, not trees. This mirror-image symmetry also provides a unique kind of crossover between animal and vegetable and often creates the illusion of strange creatures lurking, motionless, in the wood grain. Even more unusual features are revealed in the details of the seam where the mirror images are joined. All of this imagery is naturally abstract and, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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